Inaugural post

October 15, 2018

In 2018, we made a strategic decision to use our monetary means to drive positive change in the world. Rather then delegating the responsibility to financial advisors, we are planning to shift capital over to a new portfolio that seeks to maximize positive social or environmental impact while being financially viable. Red Rocks Impact is our container for this portfolio.

The field of Impact Investing is new to us, exciting and full of lessons to learn. With beginners mind, we seek to connect with the existing and growing eco system in the world of Impact and push forward a new type of investment strategy. A few years down the road, we hope that any person that wants to invest small or large amounts, can simply go to their nearest bank and choose from a well structured list of sensible investment, all having quantifiable positive impact. After all, money isn't there to serve itself, but to help us build a brighter future.

Ralf Schroeder

Looking for ways to align my portfolio with my values and beliefs.